Rapidly grow your sales

Get access to RFQs from buyers across the world. Create quotes within minutes.  Digitize your business with free software.

BUSINESS working with us

Leave your non-manufacturing activites to us

Save valuable time with our platform, handling essential non-manufacturing activities for you.

Evaluating RFQs

Effortlessly handle RFQs, quotes, and orders all in one place. Our intuitive interface simplifies the process, saving you valuable time and effort.

Studying CAD in detail

Share real time information with the buyers to provide deeper insights into order progression. Share images with easy to use mobile application.

Calculating Quotations

Our advanced costing engine enables you to quickly and accurately calculate component costs. Streamline your quoting process and respond to RFQs with confidence, knowing that your pricing is precise.


Make data-driven decisions with our comprehensive analytics dashboard. Gain valuable insights into your performance, identify trends, and optimize your operations for greater efficiency.

Procuring raw material

Both buyers and suppliers benefit from having their dedicated portals. This ensures that all communications are organized and nothing slips through the cracks. Enhance your business relationships with clear, consistent, and effective communication, every time.

Share feedback to suppliers easily

Stay a step ahead with real-time visibility into the entire lifecycle of your suppliers. From initial onboarding to ongoing transactions, our platform provides a transparent view, allowing you to anticipate risks and act proactively.

Unlock efficiency with our transformative solutions

Unleash efficiency, simplify processes, and optimize buyer relationships with ease. Enhance your experience with a powerful tool to streamline your operations and unlock new growth opportunities.


Bring speed to your manufacturing business

Streamline and simplify your essential non-manufacturing activities, with an ERP at your fingertips. Through our supplier portal, spend less time on administrative tasks and more time on actual machining, ultimately bringing speed to manufacturing.



Empower business growth

Unlock business growth with our supplier portal, connecting you to RFQs from diverse buyers and accelerating project discovery.



Manage your buyers effortlessly

Streamline buyer management, never miss an RFQ, and foster close collaboration between suppliers and buyers with our dedicated portal that allows buyers to engage with suppliers, share more RFQs and receive quotations.

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